Carrolltown Veterinary Hospital

1818 Liberty Road
Eldersburg, MD 21784


Here at Carrolltown Veterinary Hospital, we offer boarding for both cats and dogs of all sizes.

Our kennel is reserved for clients only. We have 14 kennels for large to small dogs. 

We have a few kennels in our treatment area for the extra small dogs.

We do NOT offer Sunday pickups. The facility is closed but pets will be tended to.

We do NOT have 24 hour supervision. Pets are walked between 4-6 times a day in our side yard.

Blankets, food dishes, water bowls, toys and treats are provided by us. Please do not bring such items.

Canine (Dog): Vaccines should be upto date 2 weeks prior to boarding. Vaccines include

Cdappv (Distemper), Rabies and Bordetella (kennel Cough).

Feline (Cat) : Vaccines include Frccp (Distemper) and Rabies. Must be upto date 2 weeks prior  to boarding.                                                                                                                                              

Flea and Tick Prevention: All pets must be current on flea and tick prevention within 30 days of boarding. Application can be provided by the hospital. This is to ensure that no pets bring fleas or ticks into the hospital or get fleas and ticks from another patient staying with us. If our hospital applies the flea and tick prevention, there will be a charge for a single dose.

Food: We ask that any pet on special, allergy or prescription diets bring their own food while boarding. At our kennel we feed an intestinal diet to pets to prevent soft stool from nervousness. If your pet has a sensitive stomach from either diet change or being in a different environment please bring their food. Food bags and containers should be labeled with pets name and amount to be fed.

Services: We offer bathing, nail trimming, anal gland expression, and brushing while boarding. There will be an additional charge if owner would like these services. If a pet has a service done while boarding it will be done on the day of pick up. We ask that owners call prior to pick up to ensure services have been rendered.

Medical: If any pet has any medical issue while boarding, the doctor on duty will be sure to examine and treat pet accordingly. Note, there may be an additional charge if such services are rendered.

Medications: Pets on medications and insulin are allowed to board at our facility. Kennel techs will be sure to give them correctly and at the time required. Any pet that is on medications, please be sure to bring all medications and supplies. Medications should be labeled with pets name and directions of use.